Dancing with Cara

The Rainbow Stories

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'What a beautiful world this is,' Crystal whispered to Cara's heart, 'when we allow our true colours to shine.'

Dive into the world of four-year-old Cara as she explores the secrets of the universe through her playful conversations with the natural world.

Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories is a set of eight enchanting stories to shift your perspective, awaken your spirit and nourish your soul, with magical illustrations by Ivy Trazsi.

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Dancing with Cara

An enchanting collection of short animated films from Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories to shift your perspective, awaken your spirit and nourish your soul.

Words & music by AC Bradburn. Illustration by Ivy Trazsi

About the Author

AC Bradburn is a husband and wife team that writes short and long stories, sometimes with music, that strive to engage with the natural world in new and ancient ways.

They began their working lives as freelance musicians, often combining music and storytelling in workshops with children. Now with a young family, they divide their time between home educating their children, growing vegetables, looking after chickens and struggling to find time to write!

Other works by AC Bradburn include their debut middle grade novel, Agent Pangolin: The Mystery of the Shiny Moon.

About the Illustrator

Ivy Trazsi is an international illustrator and fine artist working digitally, as well as with messy paints. Her style is joyfully dictated by bright colours and lots of textures from nature, combined with abstract elements. The foundartion of her style lies in her rich childhood memories, travels and endless imagination.

She grew up in a tiny village surrounded by wildlife. As a child, Ivy drew and painted on every surface: the brick walls of her family home, snail shells, and once she even attempted to colour the wind.

Later, Ivy moved away and lived in multiple countries but her love for nature and colours never changed. Together with her husband, they are raising their children with the intention of being curious and having an open mind for magical stories in their everyday lives.

Find out more about Ivy and her art at:

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